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The Milan Fire Department receives text messaging capability
Call Board
The MFD has just begun having alarms texted to their cell phones in addition to traditional voice pagers. This new system allows members to receive an alarm as a text, nice for those times when you were not able to hear the pager. On android phone the GPS directions can be retrieved with a simple touch of the screen. To let members at the fire stations and the chief know who is responding the member simply replies to the text. By replying (all that needs to be done is reply with any character) the members name is placed upon the "board" in the fire station. If the member prefers a toll free number can be called and then they have the option of selecting where they are going by select a predefined menu option.

The system contracted by the Milan Fire Department goes beyond just text messaging, there is a "call board" at the fire station shows the current alarm and any recent alarms along with a map and the location of the current alarm pin pointed. We also have the ability to mark fire hydrants, dry hydrants, and usable water sources. These all show up on the map. Currently we have about six or eight water sources marked, with more to come.

We can now send announcements that the county dispatch center is unable to send due to call volumes or messages not deemed important enough to "tone out" but we want everyone to have. Improving our communication in non emergent situations.

The MFD is working on setting up the "rip 'n' run" feature of this system. Rip and run is a printout at the fire station that contains information on the alarm. The information on the sheet is the call location and map. In the future we hope to be able to include preplans for some of the buildings in our area.

Thanks to Fisch Internet Solutions for providing this service and all of their assistance in setting it up. For more information on this system please go to and don't forget to tell them Milan sent you.